A TEENAGER lost control of his car and skidded into another just six days after he passed his test.

Jobless Jason Mathias had two friends in the car when the accident happened in February following a night out, Worcester magistrates were told.

Court clerk Carolyn Parson, outlining the case yesterday, said 18-year-old Mathias had been driving his F-registered Ford Escort when he veered off Pound Bank Road, Malvern.

"At around 10.15pm, without due care, the defendant lost control on a bend, skidded and collided with a car," she said.

Brian O'Connell, defending, said Mathias had been out with friends on Wednesday, February 16, when the accident happened.

But he said the teenager had not been drinking.

Mathias, who admitted careless driving, had paid for his lessons and car as well as insurance, tax and MOT himself, the court was told.

After the accident, the Escort was a write-off.

"He said it was raining, the road was slippy and, as often happens with a youngster that's just passed his test, they're not used to driving in a variety of road conditions," added Mr O'Connell.

"It's an offence borne out of inexperience."

Mr O'Connell asked the bench to be lenient after revealing Mathias, of Jamaica Road, Malvern, already had three penalty points on his licence.

"As you know, if he gets nine he will be back to square one with a provisional licence," he said.

"The offence is not at the serious end of the spectrum."

Magistrates fined Mathias £50, ordered him to pay £35 costs and added four penalty points to his driving licence.