WE'RE a charitable lot in this country. We give to good causes; both in monetary terms and of our time.

Some of us might feel strongly about allowing our National Health Service to be propped-up by charity and some of us may wonder how we have been turned into a nation of gamblers through the Lottery and it's charitable veneer.

But some charitable work is vital. You can see tangible results from your support and work.

Consider the heart-warming story about Malvern Hills Homeless Young Adults Trust on page 4 of today's newspaper.

It details how three young people have experienced difficulties, usually at home, and have built themselves new lives with the help of MHHYAT.

One says: "I don't know what I would have done without them." Indeed.

Those admirable people who run MHHYAT say they are sad at the "graduation" of their three residents but also proud. And so they should be. In a society which has come to accept dysfunctional family as the norm, a rising number of single parents, and the breakdown of family support, is it any wonder young people feel alienated? Even the Prime Minister would agree it's tough bringing up kids. If anyone has got it right, it's MHHYAT.

Support the Trust; invest in our youth.