I AM interested in the critical letters you have received regarding the placing of the Elgar statue at Belle Vue Terrace.

The statue might just as well not be there for all that can be seen of the memorial by passing people, it just does not attract attention. The statue itself is very good. In my five years or so as a chorister at Worcester Cathedral I saw Sir Edward on a number of occasions, and indeed sang at his memorial service in 1934, I therefore, have quite an affection for this remarkable man.

In crossing the top of Church Street to go to the Post Office on the other side, on looking to the right one has a quick sight of Sir Edward between the pillars, with water gushing out before him at below waist level. What a sight!

It has to be asked who is actually responsible for locating the pride of Malvern in this - one might say - humiliating position.

MAXWELL E NICHOLLS, Orchard Road, Malvern.