THANK you for calling the attention of Ledburians both new and old to the problems of the "Paper Shed" (Ledbury Reporter, August 11).

That wonderful Miss Philpots started the newspaper salvage on behalf of the newly formed Ledbury & District Society. Very early on she and her team found that they had to protect their stock from damp, if not running water, coming through the wall from the MEB sub-station.

The MEB had raised the level of the land against the side of the building, which at that time was used by the Society by the grace and favour of the Ledbury Urban District Council.

It was, of course, not a shed nor yet a barn; its purpose was that of "Coach House" belonging to the master who lived in the Deanery now called St Katherines. He was the master of St Katherines Hospital, as well as the incumbent of the chapel, part of which has been converted into St Katherines Hall.

But back to the Coach House, now a protected building (Listed). It is of timber framed construction; that is, it has a sole plate (timber) resting on the ground with uprights also timber and crosspieces. The spaces were filled with wattle and daub. Soil should never be heaped against the side of such a building. In fact such buildings usually had a drainage ditch surrounding them with a run of.

A number of appeals have been made to the various owners of the building over the years, with the changes of council, and we are now back with Hereford, although, unfortunately not a County Council. In that time the soil laid in the MEB sub-station has been raised at least once.

Although it is a protected building, it appears the MEB wish to make someone else pay to put their errors right.

The quickest and cheapest way out of the impasse is to raise money and pay for whatever is necessary to save this old building. It is a pity that the MEB are shown to have no social conscience.

F R PLENDERLEITH, Sandfield, Bromesberrow Heath, Nr Ledbury.