IS there the possibility the sighting of a "beast" in the Newland area could be linked with an experience I had two months ago when I was taking care of my son's cat?

Leaving a high window open for his access, I found on two occasions late at night, feral cats coming through after his food.

It was unpleasant the first time as there was just one. The second time was horrific, with two in an almighty battle, seeing me they went berserk with fright, leaping from room to room, wardrobe to bookcases. The noise they made was so similar to your report, they were grey/black, very large, savage and not in good condition. By closing each room off and opening one door out eventually they shot out - not to be seen again.

My ginger lodger cat sat smugly on the back of a chair throughout almost saying - well! well! What do you think of the Newland Mafia.

JUNE GREVES, Pyndar Court, Newland, Malvern.