I HOPE our councillors have now completed all their improvements to the Link. Not all our money has been wasted as the play area in Victoria Park is a great improvement, but do the councillors really believe that some of the other new features will attract visitors and business to the Link.

I would like to give you the reactions of some of the visitors I have taken round the Link in the past few weeks.

Firstly, I asked them what they thought about our new wrought iron destination signs, as they drove into the Link, and the almost universal comment was "what signs?". In other words the signs are so insignificant that most motorists, who are busy looking out for the more traditional road signs, don't even notice them.

Secondly, I showed them the mural on the wall in Pickersleigh Avenue. This caused some amusement and one visitor from Birmingham likened it to some of the murals that have been appearing in the inner suburbs of that city. Finally, last weekend I showed another visitor our new water feature and I was told that it looked like a miniature crazy golf course!

I am sorry to be so negative in my criticism of our councillor's efforts, but from my own experience, their objective of making the Link more attractive to visitors doesn't seem to be paying off.

If our councillors really want to know how to spend money wisely and to please residents and visitors alike why don't they improve the deplorable state of the pavements in the area. I don't mean taking up a few paving slabs and relaying them again, which is an almost annual occurrence in my road, but replacing all the slabs with tarmac. This was started a few years ago, but the Council seemed to lose interest in such an unglamorous idea.

I hope they are continuing to pay the premium for their public liability insurance because it will not be long before they receive a substantial claim from someone who has been badly injured through the state of our footpaths.

T C HALLGARTH, Oakfield Road, Malvern Link.