I LIVE in Hampden Road and am writing in praise of our new conversation piece aka the water feature.

It is certainly far more attractive than the pathetic flower bed it replaces. Moreover, few of us will mourn the "last in the shop" Christmas tree which has 'graced' the corner in recent years.

I am saddened that people cannot simply take pleasure in an attractive piece of street furniture. Do people really believe that CCTV would be better a use of the money?

CCTV seems to be put forward as a panacea - to cure the world or at least the Link of all its woes. Is it not possible that an attractive environment will encourage people to take more care of their community?

I fear that the constant criticism of the feature gives out the message that it is not valued, go ahead, vandalise it! My plea is, please take care of it. It's ours, it's yours and mine. Enjoy it.

LIZ BARTHOLOMEW, Hampden Road, Malvern.