IT was expedient to hear Elgar for the final concert of this year's Festival.

The Chorus has been in superb voice for the whole week, and this was no exception. Ranging from the 'ppp' entrance of the Kyrie eleison (almost, but not quite inaudible), to the thrilling Molto maestoso of Praise to the Holiest in the height, the singers - especially those high flying sopranos - were on top form.

The Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra has had a good week too, and again on this occasion, they performed as Roy Massey (conductor) asked; the strings at the end of the Demons Chorus were notable, as were the violas and cellos at the mezzo-sopranos One moment.

Catherine Wyn Rogers (mezzo soprano) was beautifully distinguished, expressive in details and some stunning top notes. Always part of the music, her facial expression was worth watching as she sat and listened. Adrian Thompson (tenor) was best in his quieter moments; at times he became too operatic, and his voice sounded strained and harsh. James Rutherford (bass) was very impressive: a refined voice with considerable power in reserve.

It would have been better if the mezzo-soprano had been seated on the platform from the start - fetching her on mid-performance was rather a disruption.

This was a fitting end to a wonderful week of music.