Make your way to the River Severn, joining it near Stourport Bridge, and head south on the Severn Way, passing the locks and basins where the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal joins the river. Further on you'll pass a marina and then Lincomb Lock, after which the path runs along wooded cliffs before descending to riverside meadows.

As you draw almost level with the Hampstall Inn (on the far bank) two footpaths are indicated at a stile on the left.

Take the right-hand path (still the Severn Way) and cross a footbridge. Now leave the Severn Way, taking a path which heads across a field towards Winnall Caravan Park.

A yellow arrow directs you diagonally right through the caravans, though you may find it necessary to follow a track instead, turning right, then left. Either way, you'll climb to the top of a slope to leave the caravan park at the main entrance/exit.

Walk across a car park and follow the access track, keeping straight on at a footpath junction.

Turn right at a road junction and ignore two branching paths. When the road bends right at Bugle Gate turn left on a bridleway which climbs uphill.

When it levels out, look for an easily missed, unsigned bridleway branching left. Follow it across a field towards poultry sheds, and then keep straight on along a track, passing a couple of farms.

When you reach a lane turn right, then left at a junction with Bishops Wood Lane. When the lane bends right join a waymarked footpath on the left at an overgrown stile. Go half-right across a field to another stile and cross a field of brassicas, and then a pasture.

The path leads into a nursery and a yellow arrow directs you diagonally left. This isn't possible so walk straight ahead by a poplar hedge until you intercept a track. 6 Turn left here, go through a gap in the next poplar hedge and shortly pass through a gate into a field of runner beans.

Turn right along a track to meet Worcester Road (A4025). Cross over to join Parsons Lane almost opposite. Keep straight on at a crossroads but turn right when eventually you come to a T-junction, joining Chadwick Lane.

After 100m turn left on a well-trodden footpath. Cross a cornfield to a hedge corner and turn left. At the next corner go diagonally right to meet Hillditch Lane.

Turn right to the main road (B4193) then left through the hamlet of Charlton, on the edge of Hartlebury.

At the edge of the hamlet cross Charlton Lane to join an unsigned footpath. Follow it between hedges then across fields to a bridge over the dismantled railway at Leapgate. Descend left to the former line and turn right.

When the railway path comes to an end descend to the canal towpath and turn left to Stourport.