A WYCHAVON councillor accused his fellow members of "chicanery" claiming they agreed to a plan to build houses for payments to council funds.

The planning committee deferred and delegated approval for eight houses on land off Worcester Road, Droitwich.

The land was originally earmarked for a community centre but developer Stephen George & Partners agreed to pay the council a sum in lieu of building a centre.

"I deplore the application and the fact we're making this decision with no efforts to identify where the commuted sum will be spent," said Coun Roy Seabourne.

"We're putting houses on this site with undue haste. It's just chicanery and we shouldn't be behaving like this if we have any moral integrity."

Coun Ken Rogers claimed the commuted sum was set to rise if plans for the eight houses were approved.

"The only reason we're all approving the building of houses here is to get additional funding for the council and get a community hall.

"I think we should all declare an interest.

"The land should be left as open space for future generations."

But Coun Alan Hotham said something had to be done with the land rather than leaving it derelict. "This is the best end for it," he said.