A HOARD of Roman coins unearthed near Kidderminster has been declared "treasure".

An inquest at Kidderminster Town Hall heard that Philip Harriman had made three discoveries in June and August.

"Roman coins and sherds of Severn Valley earthenware were found near Chaddesley Corbett," said the Worcestershire coroner, Victor Round.

"I won't give the exact location nor say where Mr Harriman comes from, except to say he is 'local'."

He told the inquest Mr Harriman had come across a total of 419 coins on Tuesday, June 27, Tuesday, August 22, and Wednesday, August 30.

The coins - which had been examined by experts at the County Museum in Hartlebury and then at Warwickshire Museum - all came from the same hoard and had been dated as being minted in the early 4th Century, probably about 320AD.

The hoard was classed "treasure" because it contained more than 100 coins that were over three centuries old and now belongs to the Crown.

"I declare this to be treasure under the Treasure Act," said Mr Round.

The coins are expected to go to the British Museum which traditionally pays compensation to the finder for the value of the find.