A MAN who had battled against depression was found on a railway line dying of multiple injuries, an inquest heard.

Kevin Doherty had already been reported by his mother as missing on Sunday, July 30, when three members of the public discovered him that evening.

Two men had spotted the 44-year-old's bicycle at the railway bridge over Husum Way in Kidderminster.

Worcestershire coroner Victor Round told an inquest at Kidderminster Town Hall that Nicholas Katic and Joseph Tomlinson sensed something was wrong and went to investigate.

"They saw Mr Doherty lying injured on the line, about 30ft below the bridge," said Mr Round.

Mr Katic dialled 999 on his mobile phone and used it to keep in touch with Mr Tomlinson, who ran along the track towards Blakedown.

Meanwhile off-duty ambulance woman Reina Moreton arrived and looked after Mr Doherty.

"He flagged down an approaching train and informed them of the man on the line," said Mr Round.

"Although when members of the public do this sort of thing it can be dangerous, on this occasion they are to be congratulated."

Mr Doherty was taken on the train to Kidderminster Railway Station, added the coroner. But he died soon afterwards, having been transferred to the town's general hospital.

The inquest was told a consultant's report listed his injuries as consistent with a fall from the railway bridge. There had been no collision with a train.

Although the dead man had battled with a drink problem, the amount of alcohol in his bloodstream was very low and no evidence of drugs was found.

Mr Round said a note left by Mr Doherty, who was unemployed and suffered from depression, at his home in Willow Close, West Hagley, indicated a suicidal state of mind.

"I am satisfied he intended to terminate his life in some way," said the coroner.

He recorded a verdict of taking his own life.