LIKE celluloid's classic leading men, B-Movie Heroes have never quite disappeared, despite their history.

The departure of lead singer Neil Phillips to tour the world with the Yo-Yos prompted one of Worcester's best known groups to go it alone.

But it was an unsuccessful venture and the remaining members, Dave, Dean and Scott, went their separate ways.

Now the three are back for a series of gigs in their native city and beyond.

Dave admits to a small bout of butterflies in the run-up to their first live outing since they began practising together in May.

"We limped on without Neil, but we never quite found our form again, so everyone felt a bit disheartened at the time and it just fell apart," he explains.

"It will be the first few gigs in a long time. But the Marr's Bar has been really good to us, letting us rehearse there."

Dave believes the band needs around two months to make the sound tight.

"This is a great band and all the elements are there,'' he said.

And with a proposed publishing deal that could see a B-Movies product stocked in Our Price stores around the UK, the band are just waiting until they are polished and can secure some studio time.

B-Movie Heroes play a free gig the Marr's Bar on Tuesday, September 5, and every Tuesday throughout the month.