A KEEN motorcyclist from Pershore has written his first book called The Mighty Interceptor commemorating his favourite bike, the Royal Enfield Interceptor.

Andrew Stait, an engineer by profession, enjoys motorbikes - especially the Enfield but after discovering there were no books about the Royal Enfield Interceptor decided to do some research of his own.

"I'm a keen rider but I couldn't seem to find out any information about the bike, anywhere, so I decided to some research of my own," said the 48-year-old.

Mr Stait travelled down to Redditch back in August 2004 where the bikes were originally made and then went on to Bradford-on-Avon where the company transferred production.

"When I arrived in Bradford I heard some of the most wonderful tales from ex-workers that used to make the bikes. The sort of stuff you wouldn't know about unless you were involved in making them," said Mr Stait.

The motorcyclist and a retained fire fighter for Pershore fire station was keen to capture the memories of ex-employees from the Royal Enfield Interceptor firm and spent 440 hours writing his book.

Mr Stait's book tells the story of the motorbike from its initial conception in 1962 until the demise of this classic British bike in 1970.

Included are the stories of both the 763cc and 800cc Interceptors, told by the very men who actually built and test rode this awesome motor cycles. Illustrated with 157 photographs and other pictures, over 40 of these are reproduced from private albums from former workers. The Mighty Interceptor costs £14.95 can be obtained from the author, Andrew Stait by 07773242217.