A POLICE officer did not attempt to resuscitate a man - who had spent most of his life in Kidderminster - who hanged himself in a Worcester bail hostel, an inquest heard.

Police and the Prisons and Probation Service Ombudsman investigated Kevin Bray's death and new guidelines have been issued as a result.

Worcestershire coroner Victor Round said although Mr Bray was probably dead anyway, he was unhappy a police officer had made the decision not to attempt to resuscitate because he had not yet been pronounced dead by a paramedic.

An inquest in Stourport heard that Mr Bray, a carpenter and father of a young child, died at the Braley House hostel on Ombersley Road, Worcester.

Mr Bray's father, Anthony, who lives on the Isle of Wight, said: "I feel that Kevin knew what he was doing. However, we are concerned that when he was discovered, no attempt was made to resuscitate him.

"We don't think that's what Kevin would have wanted anyway. But this is not a case in isolation and, in future, we hope that any shortcomings in Kevin's treatment are used as a learning process."

Mr Round said he also found it worrying the resuscitation was not taking place when a paramedic arrived.

He said: "I'm not happy. If he was found out on the street you would keep going. Police officers need to be awfully sure before they give up on resuscitation. How would they face the family if they hadn't tried?"

Mr Bray, 42, died on Saturday, April 2 last year when the police officer taking another prisoner into his bedroom found him slumped against the door.

Two suicide notes were discovered next to the body and prescription drugs were found in his bloodstream. Mr Bray had been in prison twice and had stayed in Braley House before. Staff there knew he had tried to kill himself before but, the inquest heard, only because he told them himself.

Mr Round said: "His father says Kevin found it hard to commit himself to a relationship and worked long hours. He became tired and stressed and turned to alcohol and became violent and aggressive."

Mr Bray's girlfriend gave birth in August before his death.

Mr Round recorded the verdict that he took his own life.

A spokeswoman for West Mercia Constabulary said: "All officers receive first aid training, which includes training in resuscitation. If the coroner has any concerns about the conduct of the police officer we would expect those issues to be brought to our attention so they can be investigated."

The following are the guidelines issued by the Prisons and Probation Service Ombudsman:

A rigorous risk assessment must be conducted each time a prisoner enters a hostel; all night-time hostel supervisors have a mobile phone; prisoners and the probation service share information about suicide risks; a strategy to deal with and prevent suicide attempts is published.