ANGRY Andy Preece labelled the St George's Lane pitch as 'embarrassing' after his side failed to break down bottom club Vauxhall Motors on Saturday.

City's player-manager said he felt sorry for supporters who paid to watch the shambolic 0-0 Nationwide North stalemate in which Vauxhall's stifling tactics won the day.

During the second-half, incessant time-wasting prompted the fury of assistant Andy Morrison who was dismissed along with Motors' manager Carl Macauley after the pair squared up on the touchline.

But while the Wirral outfit's approach came in for criticism from Preece, he also broke his silence on the poor condition of Worcester's pitch.

Preece reckons the surface made a huge contribution in City failing to make a breakthrough.

"If you are going to break teams down like Vauxhall, you need a pitch to play on," admits Preece. "It's just not suitable for playing football on. It's just embarrassing.

"To be honest, I'm embarrassed that we put a pitch like that on for people to play. It's just not good enough and I'm getting to the point where I'm fed up with it. It just gets worse and worse.

"I think a few understand what we are up against. But there are a few people disgruntled. They should go on the pitch, get a ball, dribble it from one end to the other and then see what they think.

"You just can't move the ball away or get any distance on passes. You need three or four touches to get the ball under control.

"The pitch is all crumbly. Once you get your foot on the ball and try and change direction, it's very, very poor."

Preece added: "It's not entertaining for the fans and when a team like Vauxhall come to play like that, it's even worse, so I'm frustrated.

"I can't criticise the players. They tried as hard as they could and gave it a good go. But under the circumstances, I don't think the fans have got any value for money at all."

Preece anticipated that struggling Vauxhall would set their stall for a draw, but insists their safety-first approach lent no entertainment value. He added: "Vauxhall frustrated us and, to their credit, they kept us out. They came with a game-plan, stuck to it and got their point.

"I just feel sorry for the fans. People pay good money to watch a game of football and all they saw was attack versus defence for the whole game."