COLIN Youngjohns yesterday stepped down as Kidderminster Harriers chairman -- insisting the club is in good hands.

As part of a major board-room shuffle at Aggborough, Youngjohns has resigned from the board of directors after 32 years of service.

The new directors comprise personnel from Aggborough Holdings Consortium that assumed control of the club last week, with Barry Norgrove installed as chairman and Neil Savery as vice-chairman.

Other directors on the board include Gordon Howard, John Baldwin and Tewkesbury-based businessman Wayne Allen.

Youngjohns, who is now to become club president, held the chairman role for three years and oversaw Harriers' summer takeover trauma.

He believes the club's revamped board -- who have agreed to plough in £300,000 straight away with two further payments of £50,000 at the end of this season and next -- are desperate to take Kidderminster forward again.

Youngjohns has called on worried supporters to stick by Harriers while the club looks to build upon a period of calm and stability.

"I've been on the board for 32 years," said Youngjohns. "Sooner or later I had to stand down. The time was right for me to do that. It was also the right time for the club.

"I will move on, but if ever advice or help was needed, I will always be at the club's service.

"We've still got a board of directors that feel strongly about taking the club forward. They are trying to bring some stability back to the club.

"They have invested a lot of money and helped save the club. They should be recognised by supporters and I'm sure they will be.

"Of course, with what has happened recently, supporters are very concerned, which is understandable.

"What they know and sometimes don't know frightens them, but these people from the takeover are only concerned with putting the club on the right footing.

"Stability is important, it's the requirement for any successful football club and we had that for a number of years.

"When you have things like relegation, it affects everybody in different ways, including supporters, the players and the management.

"It's a very emotional and traumatic time for everybody at the club."

As a mark of recognition for his contribution to the club, the traditional office of club president has been revived and bestowed on Youngjohns.

He added: "I feel very humble that they should do that.

"The club has not had a president since the mid-1960s. They have given me a great honour. It is tremendous."