KIDDERMINSTER band, the Amateurs, have high hopes for their latest EP and I can see why they are feeling so confident.

The three-song CD kicks off with the title track, which is quite laid-back, with a bold piano sound.

Singer Matthew Colley reaches some high notes as he builds up to the chorus of "I don't know where I'm going. I sure know where I have been."

Although this song reminds me a bit of groups like Coldplay and Athlete, the resemblance doesn't last for the rest of the album.

Red Sky, which is my favourite track on the CD, is fairly mellow with a soaring chorus.

I liked this song the most as it was very memorable and I had the tune stuck in my head for the rest of the day after only hearing it twice.

The final track, This One, is more upbeat and rockier. Although it starts off at a slower pace, it soon builds up to a powerful chorus.

The three songs definitely left me wanting to hear more of the band's material and I can see why Matthew Colley, Andrew Fletcher and Marcus Jones have gathered quite a following.

The record has also made me want to make sure I catch a live show next time the band performs in its home town.

The EP is available from