THE poster at the front of the hall - Hard-Fi Rock - just about says it all.

For a band with just one album - albeit the wonderful Stars of CCTV released in 2005 - their stage presence is superb and everyone in the crowd knows every song, showing how quick their elevation to stardom has been.

It has been years since I have enjoyed a rock concert so much and that is down to the energy the Middlesex-based band creates on stage.

Each song is played with such enthusiasm, power and passion by the band members - Richard Archer (vocals), Ross Phillips (guitar), Kai Stephens (bass) and Steve Kemp (drums) - that it seems as though you have known them and their songs all your life.

Each song they play is greeted with enthusiastic applause from the sell-out crowd who sing along at every opportunity and the band really seems to appreciate the support.

The sound is raw, gritty and punchy, a bit like a cross between The Clash and The Stranglers.

But the band really is a one-off in producing such a wealth of great songs on just one album.

The real crowd pleasers were Better Do Better which had everyone singing along and the fantastic Living for the Weekend.

But rather than just play the tracks from Stars of CCTV, the band mixes it up a little and a version of Move On Now, with only the lead singer on stage and an acoustic accompaniment, was a real treat.

Of course, Hard To Beat, was hard to beat as a favourite on the night and by the time Stars of CCTV came in the encore, I found myself running out of superlatives to do Hard-Fi justice. AG