A FORMER Labour councillor in Worcester is backing the Conservatives for the first time.

Pam Clayton, who was a city councillor for Warndon between 2004 and 2008, even signed Robin Walker’s nomination papers to show her support for the Conservative candidate.

Mrs Clayton said: “I’m still interested in politics and what goes on in my beloved city and country. I have always had lots of friends in all parties and I looked around for what I thought was right for the city and the country now.”

Mrs Clayton, of Chase End Close, Battenhall, Worcester, said she became disillusioned with Labour and left the party before the recession.

While she has not yet joined the Conservative party, she said she was “seriously considering it”.

She thought Mr Walker was a man who is prepared to listen and help people in Worcester.

She said: “He is around and he is accessible and that’s what matters to me.”

Mr Walker said: “I am delighted with Pam’s endorse-ment. I have always said that I would be happy to work with councillors and activists from all parties to make Worcester a better place. Pam’s many years of hard work on behalf of the people of Warndon and her experience and knowledge of local education make her a valuable supporter and source of wise advice.

“I do not believe that politics ought to be tribal and I look forward to working with Pam and others who have come to see that we need a change from a partisan and remote government.”