A WORCESTER pensioner is warning others after he narrowly avoided having his bank details taken by a bogus caller.

Tony Baker, of Liverpool Road, Ronkswood, believes he had a lucky escape and wants to remind others to be extra careful when letting people into their homes.

The man appeared at Mr Baker’s door talking about a rebate on their electricity bill that Mr Baker, aged 70, and his wife, Jean, aged 69, might be entitled to under a new government scheme.

Mr Baker invited the man in so he could explain more, but once he was in the house the rebate was forgotten about and the salesman became more interested in talking about the savings the couple could make by paying by direct debit – for which he would need their bank details.

Mr Baker said: “He got his laptop out and said to us that we wouldn’t even need to make a phone call. My wife, who was in the living room with us, was shaking her head.

“He never said who he was and where he was from. He had something on his lapel but you couldn’t distinguish it.”

Mr Baker said he was not interested, and the man left.

Your Worcester News made enquiries with all the electricity firms offering the rebate. None had representatives in the area at the time and all of whom said that even if it was them, the man at the door did not follow proper procedures.

Mr Baker said: “Even if he is from a company, gaining entrance to my house like that is worrying. Other people should be warned that somebody is going round to people’s homes asking for their bank details.”

A spokesperson from electricity firm E.On said: “All our agents must adhere to a code of practice and the industry-wide EnergySure guidelines and ensure they wear and show ID badges. They will always offer their badge for inspection and allow the customer to use the verification phone number.”

Worcester police said: “We always urge everyone to follow the same basic but strict rule when it comes to providing information such as bank details to strangers, no matter how plausible they seem – don’t.”

Mr Baker’s warning comes as Age Concern asks people in Worcester to be extra vigilant as there are reports of a bogus company targeting the city’s more vulnerable residents.

Age Concern said people should not give any money to a company calling themselves CMC, and have stressed they are nothing to do with them.

Anyone who has a similar experience can call police on 0300 333 3000 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.