A TRANSSEXUAL who stole from a charity shop before flicking urine at a policeman has been jailed.

Kim Goode, who was born a man, but underwent reconstructive surgery 10 years ago, was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison for assaulting a police officer and two counts of shoplifting.

Worcester Magistrates Court was told that Goode, aged 46, lunged towards a police officer with her hands and nails outstretched, ripping a latex glove that the officer was wearing, before flicking urine at him.

As previously reported in your Worcester News, Goode, of Walsgrove Court, Infirmary Walk, was also sentenced for two counts of shoplifting on Saturday, April 10, from Somerfield and Age Concern in Mealcheapen Street.

Matt Dodson, prosecuting, said that on Wednesday, May 5, Goode was escorted from Iceland in Crowngate Shopping Centre for being disruptive and under the influence of alcohol.

As staff escorted her out of the store she became verbally abusive, shouting: “You’re racist because I’m transsexual.”

As she was removed from the shopping centre, she then lifted her skirt and flashed members of staff, before being detained by police at the entrance.

When they arrived at the station, Goode was taken to a cell where she ran towards an officer with her hands outstretched as if to scratch him, but only caught the latex glove he was wearing.

Goode then threatened the officer and was restrained.

While restrained, Goode told officers that she needed the toilet, but when her handcuffs were taken off, flicked her hand at an officer and urine landed on the officer’s trouser leg.

Paul Stanley, defending, told the court the thefts had been committed under the influence of alcohol and Goode could not remember much about them.

Regarding the most recent offence, he said: “There was a report in the Worcester News that referred to her as a cross-dresser. She is not happy, she had struggled with homelessness which led to alcohol problems and she struggles with prejudices.

“Drink looms large in her life – it’s intermittent with people’s prejudices of her. A lot of cruel things have been said by a woman who doesn’t mean them.”

District judge Bruce Morgan said: “She stole from a charity shop. A person cannot lower themselves more than stealing from a shop that is trying to raise money for others.

“As for the urine, that is quite the most disgusting thing I have heard in years.

“She blames the bias and intolerance of others rather than herself.”

Goode was sentenced to six weeks in prison for each of the thefts to run concurrently and another six weeks for the assault on a police officer to run consecutively.