A WOMAN who grabbed a fellow clubber’s hair on the dance floor of a Worcester nightclub before punching her in the face and breaking her nose has been jailed.

District judge Bruce Morgan said Charlotte Fowles had shown “spectacular violence” towards Abbey Clifton in the un-provoked attack in April.

Liam Finch, prosecuting, said Miss Clifton had been on the dance floor at Tramps when her hair was suddenly grabbed from behind and she was punched two or three times in the face. Miss Clifton fell to the floor and she was kicked in the ribs.

Mr Finch said she was left with injuries to her ribs and had a bloody and swollen nose which was broken in the attack and is now marked with a small ridge.

He said that 12 months before the incident Miss Clifton had also been assaulted by Fowles, who worked part-time at the Subway store in St John’s, Worcester.

Mr Finch said: “After the first attack Miss Clifton had to have counselling because she was too scared to go out.”

He told Worcester magistrates that following the latest incident, she had suffered flashbacks.

Fowles, aged 20, of Ombersley Road, Worcester, admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm on Tuesday, April 27.

Miss Clifton was the sister of Fowles’ ex boyfriend.

The court was told the defendant, who is studying public services at college and had wanted to be a prison officer, had not been out since the incident.

She said: “She is extremely fearful of going into custody and she knows this was completely unacceptable behaviour.”

Miss Lamsdale said both girls had ended up on the floor during the incident and Fowles thought she shouldn’t have be-haved as she did.

Mr Morgan told Fowles that Miss Clifton should not have been attacked for simply being the sister of a former boyfriend.

He said: “It is appalling that people like you behave in this manner for no other reason than someone was there.”

As well as a four-month prison sentence, Fowles was ordered to pay £200 in compensation, given a 12-month restraining order not to cause Miss Clifton harassment, alarm or distress and was banned from entering Bushwackers or Tramps for a year.