A MAN has admitted biting his mother’s finger so hard he drew blood – although he had drunk so much wine he couldn’t remember doing it.

Gregory Mosedale pleaded guilty to two counts of actual bodily harm and one of common assault, adding “but I can’t remember” to two of the pleas.

A conversation with then-girlfriend Kerryann Bloore on Tuesday, June 29, escalated into a family fight which a neighbour had to break up.

Douglas Marshall, prosecuting, said Miss Bloore was having a cigarette while sitting on the window sill of 19-year-old Mosedale’s bedroom window.

Words were exchange, and Miss Bloore called Mosedale “immature” – which Mosedale responded to by kicking her three times in the back repeating the word “immature”.

At no stage, Mr Marshall stressed, was Mosedale, of Bannut Hill, Kempsey, near Worcester, trying to push her out the window.

The conversation continued and Mosedale became apologetic but then continued to mess around, “pretend” punching Miss Bloore. But one punch connected with her left cheek.

Mosedale then said: “I’m a crackhead, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Mum Joanne Mosedale then put her head round the door to find out what was happening. But when she entered, Mosedale lashed out at her.

This bought her partner Terence Smith into the room and Mosedale went for him, punching him in the face, head and upper body.

Mr Smith was bitten on the thigh in the fight and Mosedale’s mother tried to intervene, but ended up getting bitten herself.

She had to hit her son to make him let go of her ring finger – which was now bleeding.

Eventually a neighbour broke the fight up, separating the family and taking Mosedale to their home where police arrested him.

Mosedale later admitted he couldn’t remember anything – apart from punching Mr Smith once – because he had drunk three bottles of wine previously.

Mark Lister, in mitigation for his client, said: “He does not seek to pretend this has not happened. It was drink which caused this on this occasion. He suffers from depression and had not taken his medication.”

District judge Bruce Morgan said he had concerns about Mosedale.

“Your record is beginning to snowball and have been for the last 18 months,” he said.

Mr Morgan ordered a pre-sentence report and remanded Mosedale in custody until sentencing on Thursday, July 15.