A MOBILE speed camera is being set up at an accident black spot in Worcestershire this week.

A speed camera van will enforce the 60mph speed limit on the A46 Sedgeberrow bypass, near Evesham, due to the high number of collisions and speeding problems on the road.

For the 36 month period to the end of July 2010, there has been one crash resulting in two fatalities, six crashes where someone was seriously injured and 46 crashes resulting in minor injuries.

Speed data collected on the Sedgeberrow bypass shows 28 per cent of vehicles exceed the 60mph speed limit and 15 per cent of drivers travel at more than 65mph.

Katy Jenkins, from the Safer Roads Partnership in West Mercia, said: “Excess speed not only causes collisions but also has a direct impact on the seriousness of a collision.

"Speeding may seem harmless to the driver but it can put themselves and other road users at increased risk.”