CONCERNED allotment-holders fixed a fence damaged during an attempted break-in after waiting in vain for the council to do it.

Tenants of the Perdiswell allotments in Droitwich Road noticed someone had cut through the wire fence which backs onto Worcester City Council’s depot.

The trespassers then lifted wooden yard gates off their hinges and attempted to break in to the storage building, but left empty-handed on Monday, August 16.

City council bosses say security has improved, but Dan Robb, whose plot backs up to the fence, is worried it has taken the council more than a week to fix the damaged fence.

Mr Robb, of Ombersley Road, Worcester, said: “Somebody broke the lock at the main gate of the allotments a week ago, then they’ve cut their way through the fence to the depot.

“It’s been a week and still they haven’t fixed the fence.

“You’d think they would want to keep people out of the depot once they knew somebody had got in. I’ve made a temporary repair.”

After a previous security scare at the site, which backs on to Perdiswell Park Golf Club, heavy duty steel palisade fencing was put up.

But the fencing which was cut through this time was not the heavy duty material.

Mr Robb said people were getting at the depot through the allotments because its front gate was covered by CCTV from the Droitwich Road park and ride.

The depot stores vehicles and equipment used on the golf course.

Ian Yates, parks and cemeteries manager, confirmed CCTV and a new alarm system had been fitted at the depot and said the fence would be fixed this week. “We had someone sniffing around to find out what was in there, and we get that from time to time,” said Mr Yates. “The fence was reported and will be fixed this week.

“I don’t think allotment-holders should fear anybody getting in through the fence. But the padlock on the main gate of the allotment is not working and we’ve had several broken or cut off.”