A STUDENT dressed as the Incredible Hulk has written-off a car by jumping on to its roof on the way home from a fancy dress party in the early hours.

Criminal damage was also caused to the front of a Worcester pub during a weekend of drink-fuelled mayhem at the start of freshers’ week.

Andy Churchill, of Hylton Road, St John’s, was woken in the early hours by a loud bang and later discovered the sunroof of his wife’s car had been smashed with the roof itself badly dented.

After speaking to a neighbour the 49-year-old was told they saw a young man dressed as the Incredible Hulk jumping up and down on the Ford Fiesta at around 3.30am yesterday morning.

Police are now trying to trace the offender, but believe a number of students may have been out dressed as the Marvel Comic character on Sunday evening.

Bev Churchill, aged 52, said she saw a man dressed as Superman and a Thunderbird earlier in the evening.

Mrs Churchill said her daughter had been using the car to get to her new job at the Tudor Grange academy in Bilford Road.

She said: “You can understand if they go out, have a drink and pick up a traffic cone on their way home, but this is criminal damage and is totally unacceptable. I’m furious. My daughter now has to save up her wages to buy a new car because of some mindless idiot.”

Police were also called to St John’s in the early hours of Sunday after two youths came out of a house in Henwick Road, and ripped two blackboards from the front of the Wheatsheaf Inn causing about £250 of damage.

Footage of the incident, captured by landlord Guy Beech’s CCTV camera, shows the pair, barefoot and wearing no trousers, remove the boards then run back across the road into a nearby house. Mr Beech said: “We have got a really good relationship students and don’t usually have any problems.”

Police say enquiries are ongoing into both incidents and no arrests have been made.

Inspector for Worcester Janet Heritage said: “We are well aware of the incidents over the weekend and are working together with the university and other parties involved in addressing the issues and students involved.”

PC Julie Merry, local policing officer for St John’s, said: “I hope the irresponsible behaviour of this small number of students is a one-off.

“I can assure residents that I will not tolerate this behaviour from anyone and will be taking positive action against these students and anyone else behaving like this in the area.”

University registrar John Ryan said: “We will not tolerate any kind of anti-social behaviour from our students and we take any such incidents very seriously.

“Any students found to have behaved in an anti-social manner will be dealt with immediately by the university.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to the car damage to come forward.

The offender dressed as the Hulk is described as being 6ft tall, of a stocky build, with short brown hair.

Anyone with information should call 0300 333 3000 quoting 36/S/200910.

• The Worcester News has today learned that the two youths responsible for causing damage at the Wheatsheaf have visited the pub to offer their sincere apologies and have paid for the damage in full.