A WORCESTER schoolboy is following in the footsteps of Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet after featuring in the latest TV advert with the Honey Monster.

Kai Hodges, of Ombersley, is the star of the new Honey Waffles advert and is tasked with trying to hide the big yellow furry monster in his wardrobe before heading off to school.

The iconic adverts helped launch the career of Titanic star Kate Winslet. She appeared as an 11-year-old dancing alongside the Honey Monster in a Sugar Puffs advert in what was her first ever professional gig.

Kevin Keegan and Boyzone have also featured in the ads.

Kai’s parents Jo and Adam took him for auditions in May and the advert was shot in June.

“He has been modelling and doing adverts for a few years now,” said Mrs Hodges, who was a model and actor for many years.

“He is a natural in front of the camera. We are very proud of him. The two days filming in London were awesome.”Kai, aged 13, who is a pupil at RGS Worcester, is hoping the role can kick-start his own acting career.

He said: “I was so incredibly excited to star in the advert and to meet the yellow monster himself.

“Shooting the advert was so much fun and my whole experience has been really enjoyable. I hope more opportunities will come from this.”

Kai stars as 10-year-old Charlie who manages to force the Honey Monster into his wardrobe, but the beast breaks free as he leaves for school.

The monster wreaks havoc in the house in his quest to find honey before he finds a box of Honey Waffles.

When Honey Monster nearly gets caught by Charlie’s mum, he whispers to Charlie: “Don’t tell them about the honey, mummy.”

Jane James, head of marketing at Honey Monster Foods, said: “The new ads are a great way for a new generation to enjoy what everyone loved about Honey Monster in the first place.

“Bringing back the famous ad line was a natural choice as it’s what he is famous for – that and his love of honey.”

A spokesman for RGS Worcester said: “It’s been a pleasure to see Kai’s career continue to develop and we look forward to seeing more of his adverts in the future.”