AT the October meeting, members and guests of the monthly Greek interest club enjoyed a highly informative travelogue from Leigh and Celia Canham entitled Lesbos.

During the first half, Leigh gave a whistle-stop tour in pictures and words of the third largest but little-known island in the northeast Aegean known as the Emerald isle, due to its green and lush appearance. To aid enjoyment, the locally distilled aniseed aperitif ouzo was on hand for sampling.

After the refreshments break, during which the monthly raffle was won by Malcolm Delingpole, Celia showed slides of the renovation of their cottage on Lesbos and talked of their dreams of spending long periods of time on their adopted island. The next meeting of the club is on Thursday, November 25, when committee member Malcolm Delingpole will present a talk entitled The Elgin Marbles.

Malcolm has promised an insight into how the Marbles came to be built and the on-going controversy between the British Museum and the New Acropolis Museum over their subsequent removal.

The meeting will be held at Worcester Golf and Country Club, Bransford Road, Worcester, starting at 7.30pm.

Anyone wishing to come along will be made most welcome.

Further details can be found at the club website or by contacting the chairman Peter Reynolds on 01905 775991.