CHER Lloyd is so famous her fan mail reaches her from across the globe – without the need for her full address.

The 17-year-old has been getting fan mail simply addressed to “X Factor Cher, Malvern, Worcestershire” from as far away as Australia and Holland – so it’s lucky the postman knows where she lives.

And it’s not surprising. Her audition video has passed 10 million hits on YouTube and she has more than 1,091,000 fans on Facebook, far outstripping any of her rivals on the ITV talent show.

What’s more, music mogul Jay-Z – pop diva Beyonce’s husband – has said he would like to work with Cher after hearing her version of his 1998 hit Hard Knock Life and would ensure that she worked with some of America’s biggest stars to make her debut album an “automatic hit”.

For Cher’s parents, Darren and Dinah, sisters Sophie, aged 14, Rosie, 12, and brother Josh, 15, it’s all come as a bit of a surprise.

Mrs Lloyd, aged 36, said: “I was blown away thinking that somebody like Jay-Z – who is so big in the music industry – has said that about my daughter. It’s overwhelming to believe.”

The couple, who live in Malvern Link, are bursting with pride, although having their daughter so far away can be hard. Her sister Sophie said: “I’m so pleased for her, but we do miss her.”

The family don’t get long to see Cher each week – just two hours after the Saturday night show – but much of that is spent with Cher answering questions, posing for pictures and signing the autographs her parents have been asked to get for friends and even some to help raise money for charity.

Leaving their daughter is never easy, with Cher becoming too emotional for long drawn-out goodbyes.

“It’s horrible, she never looks back,” said Mrs Lloyd.

But they were all delighted when Cher came home for a night last week. Mrs Lloyd said: “For one night, she could be normal. We are a normal family, so we were just catching up.”

With only a few weeks of the competition left, the Lloyds have once again headed to London today to see their daughter perform Imagine this evening. Mrs Lloyd said: “I think she’ll pull it off. Stay was my favourite, so I’d like it to be like that. I think the younger ones like the rapping, but I prefer it when she sings.”

And, although they would all love her to win, it doesn’t matter to the family where she comes in the competition.

Sophie said: “Even if she does not win, she wins with us.”

• The X Factor contestants will release their charity single on Sunday to raise money for Help the Heroes.

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