A BOARDING school in Malvern has been given an excellent report by government inspectors.

Malvern College was given the glowing report by Ofsted during a recent inspection by Dawn Taylor.

The school was told that four recommendations made in the last report had been addressed – including the staff training programme, all consequences of inappropriate behavior being recorded, and a clear visitors policy.

The school, led by headteacher Antony Clark, was marked as delivering “an outstanding service that continues to be developed to ensure the needs of all pupils are met”.

The report also said: “There is a co-ordinated approach to ensure the good health of all pupils through access to excellent quality of medical treatment and first aid.”

The system the school uses to promote the safety and welfare of pupils was also marked as outstanding, with staff praised for their knowledge about safeguarding procedures. The report added: “An outstanding feature of the college is the relationship between all college staff and pupils.

“Relationships are based on mutual respect and considerate, thoughtful behavior towards others. Pupils enjoy their boarding experience stating ‘boarding is fun’.”


What the school did well:

• Pupils’ health and wellbeing needs are being actively promoted through professional and comprehensive services.
• Staffing levels and quality of care is excellent, continuous and consistent in ensuring the welfare of all pupils.
• Staff work cohesively and communicate effectively.

What needs to be improved:

• The school meets all the national minimum standards, and needs to take no further action as all key national minimum standards have been met.

Star Ratings:

• Quality rating – outstanding.
• Helping children to be healthy – outstanding.
• Protecting children from harm or neglect and helping them stay safe – outstanding.
• Helping children achieve well and enjoy what they do – outstanding.
• Helping children make a positive contribution – outstanding.
• Achieving economic wellbeing – good.
• The organisation – outstanding.

The school:

Malvern College (the College) was founded in 1865 as a boys' school with two houses.
The school had expanded to nearly 600 boys by the 1890s with 10 boarding houses.
During the Second World War the school moved temporarily to Blenheim Palace and then Harrow School until July 1946.
In 1992 Malvern College became co-educational by the fusion of two schools to form the current senior college (on the original boys’ school site).
Malvern College provides boarding and day education to 660 boys and girls from 13 to 18 years of age.