THERE are not many 300-year-old bakeries with a trio of Cybermen in the cellar – but then, this is no ordinary bakery.

The old bakery in the middle of Bromyard has been turned into The Time Machine Doctor Who Museum, paying homage to the popular television series.

The display in the cellar is the culmination of 25 years collecting for Andy Glazzard and boasts three Cyberman, Daleks and even Billie Piper’s pyjamas – all as seen on screen.

“My parents were big collectors,” said Mr Glazzard, who lives at the museum. “Jon Pertwee got me watching Doctor Who, and since then I’ve got three or four pieces a year.

“When stuff comes up for sale you have to buy it. If I didn’t buy it would go to a private collector and never be seen again.”

And each piece can cost well into the thousands, with hundreds of fans from all over the world crowding into auction rooms to bid for the latest piece of memorabilia. One of David Tennant’s dinner jackets going for £4,000 recently.

“I’ve got several costumes here – they can cost serious money,” said Mr Glazzard. But the museum is not just dedicated to the Doctor.

Indeed, when it started life in 1997 it was a museum of antique bears and dolls but when the BBC bought the classic sci-fi series back, the museum quickly had to make room for a slightly scarier display.

It also has bits from other television shows – including a Thunderbirds display, the only one of its kind in England.

But it seems the Doctor Who exhibit is still drawing the most crowds, keeping the museum open seven days a week from April until September.