A STOLEN parrot has been returned to its owners after a policeman tracked it down.

Magic, a blue-and-gold Macaw worth £1,200, was taken from Chris and Moira Bennett, of Pickersleigh Road, Malvern, last year.

The couple had advertised the bird for sale but the so-called buyer paid with a fraudulent cheque and the money was never received.

The couple were reunited with Magic on Sunday, January 9, thanks to the determined actions of PC Gary Jones, of Malvern.

He said: “After lots of enquiries I managed to track down the stolen parrot and arranged for its safe return to its original owners. This is despite the fact that the bird had been sold on four times since it went missing.

“In that time, it had been moved around in the areas of both North Wales and West Mercia.

“I have kept the family updated through the whole process as they were deeply saddened at the loss of the bird and very grateful when it was returned.”

Mrs Bennett said: “We were really, really upset when we discovered what had happened and were worried for Magic’s welfare and what would happen to him.

“But we were absolutely ecstatic when he was traced and are so grateful to PC Jones for all of the work he put in to return Magic to us.”

The investigation is still ongoing regarding tracing and prosecuting the offenders, who appear to be from the North Wales area.

A woman was arrested in November last year on suspicion on fraud and later released on police bail while enquiries continue.