SPEAKER Diane Campbell came to talk to members about her life in TV.

On leaving school, and with the urging of her parents, Diane learnt shorthand and typing, but a few weeks before going to teaching college she saw an advert in the Somerset Gazette, advertising for temporary secretarial help on a feature film in Somerset.

She got the job, and it was to change her life for ever. The film was Tom Jones, directed by Tony Richardson.

Diane went on to become Verity Lambert’s assistant on Dr Who with William Hartnell, she was a BBC researcher for Michael Bentine, and she produced the ITV children’s programme Mad About, with Matthew Kelly.

A culmination of her life in TV was receiving a Royal Television Award for her programme on bullying.

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We will be joined by other Worcester WI members, and Nick Long and Laura Synnuck will perform songs from the musicals.

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