A WOMAN who survived a horrific scooter crash is furious after her husband was sent a letter by solicitors telling him she was dead.

Seb Dayus of Langdale Drive, Warndon, Worcester was critically injured after she was knocked off her scooter by a car but is slowly recovering despite extensive life-changing injuries.

But Ms Dayus’s husband Swifty Deignan received a letter from Sarah Edwards of Minster Law Ltd over an insurance claim for the accident which described Sarah May Dayus, who goes by the name of Seb, as “deceased”

and asked him to complete a deputyship application.

Mr Deignan said: “It says deceased and then it says it again – it’s not just a misprint.

I just can’t get over how solicitors would make such a mistake.

“This is stuff for me to have power of attorney. It doesn’t even say ‘sorry to hear she has passed away’. There’s no condolences offered or anything to say they’re sorry about the bereavement. You would have thought they would have shown some kind of compassion if they thought she was dead. You can understand the odd spelling mistake but not saying someone is dead when they’re still alive.”

Ms Dayus spent 11 days in intensive care and three weeks in a coma at Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester after the crash in the city’s Brickfields Road.

She was thrown from her Piaggio scooter as she rode home from work at the YMCA at 5pm on Thursday, January 6.

The 42-year-old grandmother suffered a broken left leg which has now been fitted with metal plates and she needed 64 staples to hold the leg together.

She also suffered extensive bruising to her chest, injuries to her lungs and kidneys, a 10cm gash in her right leg and a brain haemorrhage and a stroke which has left weakness down the right side of her body.

The brain injury means she has poor short-term memory and cannot even remember the couple’s honeymoon when watching the video following their wedding in September.

She also struggles to form sentences and needs physiotherapy at Evesham Community Hospital.

Ms Dayus said: “I didn’t even know I was in hospital.

I don’t remember the accident and now they send a letter saying I’m dead. I get my words mixed up really easily now.”

She added that she cannot even remember how she met her husband or how long they have been together.

Mr Deignan, aged 43, kept a bedside vigil when his wife was in a coma and still visits her twice a day at Evesham Community Hospital, where she is still an inpatient, although she has been allowed to return home twice since her accident.

The couple now wish to employ the services of another solicitors to pursue their insurance claim.

While she was in hospital Ms Dayus received 250 cards from well-wishers while a Facebook group called Seb’s Recovery has 1,018 members.

West Mercia Police was unable to confirm yesterday whether criminal proceedings had been taken against the driver of the Renault Megane involved in the crash.

Minster Law Ltd was unavailable for comment.