A FORMER heroin addict got high on aerosol in front of children and their parents in broad daylight in a popular Worcester park.

Jamie Gibson, aged 31, of Quay Street, Worcester, admitted section five public order, obstructing a police officer and breach of a conditional discharge when he appeared before city magistrates yesterday.

The court was told how Gibson was discovered in the toilets at the CrownGate shopping centre in Worcester city centre with lighter gas and a bottle of vodka on Friday, August 5.

Matt Dodson, prosecuting, said Gibson, who was drunk, became “confrontational and aggressive” with staff and got in their personal space, so a security guard pushed him back.

Mr Dodson said: “When a police officer attempted to search him and recover items from him he became very rigid and was de- scribed as frothing from the mouth.

“He became aggressive and had to be restrained and was taken to the floor at that stage.

“He continued to be uncooperative throughout.”

Gibson was later taken to hospital because he complained he was hallucin- ating because of inhaling fumes.

Gibson appeared in court on Saturday and was bailed until Wednesday but later on Saturday afternoon, at about 2.40pm, he was spotted on a park bench in Cripplegate Park in St John’s, Worcester, where he was inhaling aerosol.

Mr Dodson said: “Hundreds of people were enjoying the park and its facilities at that stage.

“An officer saw children throughout the park and he thought it was disgusting that children should have to see a male in this state.

“He was slumped over the bench.

“His face was in his hand while he clutched a yellow aerosol can to his face.

“His actions were causing distress to those around him.”

Gibson has 79 previous convictions and was given a conditional discharge on April 15 for section five public order after he became “physically aggressive” and “verbally abusive” to officers when they stopped a Citroën Saxo in which he was a passenger in Tolladine Road in Worcester.

During his arrest Gibson swore and told officers: “I hope your missus dies in a car crash, you pig.”

Again, children were present at the time, Mr Dodson said.

Paul Stanley, defending, said the majority of his previous offences had been heroin-related but he now did not use that drug.

He said: “He came out of a difficult relationship very recently.

“He’s not stealing or committing offences to fund a drugs habit.”

Magistrates sentenced him to eight weeks in prison.