CHER Lloyd is still being targeted by internet bullies – but says it has only made her stronger.

The singer, whose debut single Swagger Jagger is currently number one in the chart, rose to fame after appearing on the X Factor.

She has enjoyed worldwide fame and support and has thousands of fans across the globe, but that doesn’t stop some people leaving shocking online comments and threats on social networking sites.

Some of them focus on the 18-year-old’s Romany heritage – something she has always been proud to admit.

Cher responds to many of the taunts in the lyrics of her single Swagger Jagger.

Lyrics include “You can’t stop clickin ‘bout me, writin’ ‘bout me, tweeting ‘bout me, I can’t stop, it’s what I gon’ be”.

Cher’s parents Darren and Dianh believe she could be the perfect person to highlight the problems of online bullying, and a role model to youngsters who are victims themselves.

“I think she would be a good candidate to stop internet bullying,” said Mrs Lloyd. “Teenagers are vulnerable. Some of them take it to heart. It’s a good thing Cher doesn’t. But it affects adults as well as teenagers.

“The law should be stronger with the internet. I see it as an open door for anybody to say what they like, when they like.

“It doesn’t matter from what walk of life you are from, you should be able to follow your dreams. At the end of the day, you are no different from anybody else.”

Mr Lloyd said: “The only way you will stop the internet bullying is to stop the internet. You can’t do that so you have to learn to ignore them.

“I blame the press because the stuff they’ve written about her – well, if people are reading it, they think she must be that way.”

But the family will not let a few taunts on the internet get them down.

“I would never stop any of my kids fulfilling their dreams,” Mrs Lloyd said.

“She has ambition and determination. It’s not just a job to her.”