CHER Lloyd was face-to-face with some of her fans as she went shopping in the city.

The 18-year-old pop star from Malvern, who is celebrating her debut single Swagger Jagger hitting number one in the charts,was browsing when she was spotted by Carmel Panesh.

Cher, who starred on ITV1’s talent show the X-Factor last year, was in International in the CrownGate centre with her boyfriend Craig Monk in the city centre at about 2pm on Wednesday.

Miss Panesh, out with her two youngsters and a friend’s daughter, went over and asked Cher for a picture and the starlet said yes. “I didn’t want to rush over to her but the kids asked if they could have their picture with her,” she said.

“She had a small entourage of family and friends and her boyfriend were there but she was fine, really nice.

“She seemed a bit shy but polite, and smiled and then we had the picture. She was really small, a lot smaller than I thought she was and my friend didn’t recognise her to start with but I said ‘it is definitely her’.

“My kids supported her all the way through the X-Factor so they were happy to get a picture with her.”