ANGRY residents of a Worcester street want action to be taken against drivers who they say treat their road as a car park.

Householders say they face a daily battle for a parking space in Boughton Close, off Bromyard Road, St John’s, because staff and customers of nearby businesses park their cars on the pavement, block driveways and make the cul-de-sac only wide enough for single-file traffic.

Nick Stinton, who has lived in Boughton Close for 15 years, said the problem had become worse in recent months.

He said: “They park on the pavement, sometimes right up against the hedge.

“We did explore residents-only parking, but there wasn’t 100 per cent take up. We’ve been in touch with the council on numerous occasions, but we’ve got fed up.”

Caroline Hall said people often struggled to get on and off their drives. She said: “It’s got a lot worse. The residents can’t park outside their own homes.”

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said he no longer let his nine-year-old daughter play out in the street because he feared for her safety. He said: “It’s always full – especially when it rains. The traffic wardens can only enforce double yellow lines. It’s a police issue if they’re causing an obstruction, but you think it’s a bit of a waste of their time.”

A spokesman for Worc-estershire County Council said the authority had offered people in Boughton Close residents-only parking when it introduced the nearby Bromyard Road rapid transit corridor.

She said: “A major consultation process took place where residents were invited to provide their opinions and concerns over the scheme.

“However, in the case of Boughton Close, no consensus was reached between residents as to how parking should be treated in their area. As a result, no changes were made to parking arrangements in Boughton Close.

“The Bromyard Road Key Corridor of Improve-ment Scheme was completed in June, so the opportunity to undertake any changes to parking arra-ngements as part of this scheme in this area has now passed.

“It is suggested that residents make contact with their local county councillor to discuss what options might be available to them to manage on-street parking in Boughton Close in the future.”