A HUNDRED years of silence is to be broken by new bells at a city church.

The ring of 10 new bells at Old St Martin’s Church, on the Cornmarket, was delivered yesterday after £150,000 was raised to restore the old bells and install the new in one of Worcester’s oldest churches.

The project has had the support of many in the city – from Worcester City Council, to the Bransford Trust and even individual donors who have their names inscribed on the side of the bells.

But the 10 bells, cast at Taylor’s Bellfoundry in Loughborough, will serve to do more than just ring out on a Sunday – they have been chosen specially to allow the next generation of bell ringers to learn the ancient art.

Mark Regan, Worcester Cathedral ringing master and project leader, said: “This is where we will teach eight to 11-year-olds without them having to struggle with the heavy cathedral bells.”

It is hoped the arrival of the bells may signal a new beginning for the church, as it takes on a new role “We hope it will be a catalyst project to improve other areas of the church,” said Canon Andrew Greany, who has been at the church for six months.

“From the point of view of St Martin’s Church it is an opportunity to make people aware of the life of this church.”

The bells are going to be dedicated by Bishop John Inge on Sunday, September 4, in a special service.