PARENTS have complained after a Worcester headteacher chose to tell pupils that one of their classmates is a girl trapped in a boy’s body during school assembly.

The headteacher told children in two assemblies that a 10-year-old pupil had gender dysphoria on their first day back last week.

The girl’s parents, who were present at the two assemblies accompanied by a police officer, had asked the headteacher to tell children to prevent her daughter being bullied.

Parents complained to the Worcester News that they should have received letters informing them of the assemblies.

But the mum of the girl has vigorously defended the head.

One parent, who declined to be named, said: “The headteacher told all the kids that there was a kid at the school who was a girl trapped in a boy’s body.

“The parents we spoke to are absolutely outraged that they weren’t consulted about this.

“This kid is just going to be bullied now. Why didn’t the school send us a letter?”

The mother of the girl said: “My daughter, my husband and I are upset the school and the headteacher have been attacked.

“There was not a single word that was inappropriate or obscene.

“The headteacher related it to the fact that we’re all completely different.

“Some people need glasses. Some people are required to go in wheelchairs.

“My daughter needs to dress like a girl because she is a girl.

“The headteacher was amazing and supports all the children with all disabilities, with any condition.

“The children have also been little stars who have accepted my daughter into the fold.”

The headteacher said: “We operate an inclusive policy and work hard to ensure all our pupils have the support they need.

“As part of this, we feel it is important to encourage discussion and promote understanding.

“As a school, we strive to make sure that all our children get the most possible out of their time here and a key part of this is helping pupils understand that all their peers are unique.

“We have very low incidents of bullying and this is in part thanks to our policy of equality and diversity.”