HOUSEHOLDERS are being urged not to leave homes vulnerable to burglars in the unseasonal hot weather.

People who leave their doors and windows open to stay cool are urged to remain security-conscious to avoid falling victim to opportunistic thieves.

The unexpected autumn heatwave Britain is experiencing is expected to continue through the weekend.

Detective Superintendent Ivan Powell, force crime manager for West Mercia Police, said: “Up to half of all burglaries are committed by thieves who enter homes through an unlocked door or an open window and there is a spike in the number of crimes during heatwaves.

“While the West Mercia area is generally a safe place to live, it is important we all make sure thieves don’t have an opportunity to spoil our enjoyment of this unseasonably warm weather.

“Keep doors locked at all times when not in use and don’t leave accessible windows open in unoccupied rooms.

“Remember to lock up properly before going to bed and only leave inaccessible upstairs windows open in occupied rooms.”

For more advice, contact your local policing team on 0300 333 3000.