A MAN smashed a taxi’s windscreen and throttled a police officer following his 18th birthday celebrations in Worcester.

Michael Ruff, of Three Springs Road, Pershore, had been out celebrating in the city on Friday, September 2.

Kerry Lovegrove, prosecuting, said taxi driver Mohammed Ali drove down Angel Street at 12.40am the following morning and saw the defendant run from Tramps nightclub.

She said: “He ran into the road. Mr Ali stopped the taxi and the defendant jumped on to the bonnet of the vehicle and with both fists punched the windscreen with full force causing it to smash.”

Ruff then ran away and was approached by a female police officer outside the Crown Burger Bar in Angel Place.

Miss Lovegrove said: “Without warning, he raised his left arm and grabbed her around the throat.

“He was holding her neck and she couldn’t pull away from him.

“She was shouting ‘let go’, but the defendant stumbled back, which allowed her to pull away.”

Miss Lovegrove said the officer reported that she struggled to breathe throughout the incident.

She managed to restrain Ruff and he was arrested but she suffered reddening to the windpipe area of her neck and some bruising.

Ruff pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage worth £161 and assaulting a constable in the execution of her duty before magistrates.

Nick Roberts, defending, said Ruff was “extremely upset and remorseful” and there was no excuse for his behaviour.

Mr Roberts said: “There is a very sensitive background to what happened.

“It was his 18th birthday. I’ve written a letter to the court and photocopied it rather than read it out in open court because of the sensitivity.

“There are no aggravating features or factors. The only aggravating feature was that he was in drink.”

Ruff was fined £65 for each offence and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

He must also pay compensation of £161 to Mr Ali for the smashed windscreen and an additional £80 for lost fares and £100 compensation to the police officer.