ABOUT 200 Christians from Worcestershire and beyond gathered in Worcester Cathedral to study the Bible under the guidance of both the Anglican Bishop of Worcester and the Roman Catholic Archbishop for Birmingham.

The event was held to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible and drew people from a Baptist and Pentecostal background, as well as Roman Catholics and those from the Church of England.

The day started with a dialogue between the bishop and archbishop on the impact of scripture on our culture and the life of our churches. Those attending were split into groups of about 15 people to look at a passage using a prayerful approach known as Lectio Divina.

After a second address, the groups were invited to enter into a bible scene using their imagination, engaging with the scripture in what is known as an Ignation way. The whole process was directed centrally by the bishops.

Sue Adeney was part of the organising committee.

She said: “The feedback from the morning has been brilliant – people felt that it was a very uplifting event in a prayerful atmosphere. "It was also a tremendous witness to cathedral visitors and the people of Worcester that so many Christians were prepared to come together on Saturday morning to study the bible. "The study groups all over the cathedral were very visible to visitors and the peace and silence was tangible.”

Bishop of Worcester, the Rt Rev John Inge, said: “It was a wonderfully encouraging event. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with Archbishop Bernard to enable people to engage with the scriptures.”

Birmingham Archbishop Bernard Longley said: “It has been a great experience to gather, pray and reflect together on the word of God in the uplifting and historic setting of Worcester Cathedral.

“I am grateful that this occasion drew wide support from within the Catholic and Anglican parishes of Worcestershire and from many other Christian traditions. "It is important for us to demonstrate as bishops that we value the real though partial communion we already enjoy.”