CHER Lloyd was one of the most-talked about subjects on the internet ahead of her second single release this Sunday.

The Malvern singer was one of the most talked-about topics on Twitter yesterday as her fans clamoured to get a video of a secret gig released on YouTube.

Cher promised to release the video if her fans included #chersecretgig in their tweets – and thousands immediately did so, getting it to number three in the UK 'trends list'.

The video itself shows Cher performing to a crowd of competition winners, as well as answering questions.

The 18-year-old chats about future plans, her favourite songs on her upcoming album Sticks and Stones and who she would like to duet with – a list which apparently includes Dolly Parton.

The degree of interest in Cher bodes well for the release of With UR Love on Sunday, which she must be hoping does as well as her debut single Swagger Jagger which reached the number one spot in the charts.

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