A GIRL butted her lesbian love rival in the face because she believed she was being mocked, a court was told.

Charlotte Clarke, aged 19, admitted assaulting Jasmine Watkins after they left the Velvet Lounge nightclub in Angel Place, Worcester, on Wednesday, August 24.

Liam Finch, prosecuting, said Miss Clarke’s “brief” relationship with a friend of Miss Watkins appeared to break down when Miss Watkins returned home from holiday.

“The defendant, in Miss Watkins’s opinion, appeared to hold her responsible for the breakdown of the relationship,” he said. “On the evening of the incident, she was out with a group of friends and the defendant and her group of friends were at the same nighclub.

“The injured party says it was clear there was bad feeling towards her and there was friction during the course of the evening.” At the end of the night the two groups met outside the nightclub and the assault took place.

The incident was captured on CCTV and the footage was shown to the court.

Mr Finch said: “The crown accepts that the injured party was involved in shouting at the defendant at one point and there was certainly evidence of confrontation between the two.”

Ruth Edwards, defending, handed the bench a doctor’s letter and said Clarke suffered from paranoia and mood swings. “When they met at the Velvet Lounge, Miss Watkins had returned from a holiday to Greece,” said Mrs Edwards.

“When she came back she started her relationship again with the girl and while they were in the club was certainly making it clear that she had just been using Miss Clarke while she was on holiday.

“Miss Clarke felt put upon and used and stressed that everyone knew this was going on and laughing behind her back.

“They had all be drinking, the snide remarks continued and that resulted in the incident blowing up as you have seen.”

Clarke, of Park Avenue, Barbourne, was given a community order with six months’ supervision and specified activity to address alcohol issues.

She must also complete 100 hours’ unpaid work and pay £100 compensation.