A CAT lover has lost seven of her pets to suspected antifreeze poisoning.

Heidi Barlow, of Five Oaks Close, Barnards Green, Malvern, says that the loss of her beloved animals has been heartbreaking.

She used to have 19 cats in all, but since the spate of deaths has had eight cats rehomed with the RSPCA and she keeps a close eye on the remaining four.

The nightmare began on Saturday, October 22, when her cat Wio was found ill on the doorstep of her house.

Wio died in the early hours of the next day, and then another cat, Millie, started being sick in the house.

When they went to take Millie to the vets, they found a third cat, Andre, dead outside the house.

A vet from the White House practice diagnosed antifreeze poisoning and Millie had to be put down.

On Monday, Ms Barlow was phoned by a neighbour who had seen another cat, Phoenix, looking ill. When she got there, Phoenix was dead, and when she returned home, yet another cat, Wog, was dead in her kitchen.

Then on Tuesday, a sixth cat, Buster, was found dead in the garden. Following this spate, Ms Barlow contacted the RSPCA to have some of her cats rehomed.

But a seventh cat, Foobar, went missing and on Friday, November 4, she was contacted by police who had found its body. That was when Ms Barlow told them about the other deaths.

“I love all animals but especially cats and it’s just been a real nightmare,” she said.

“I know some people have been saying that my cats have been ripping open binbags, but there’s no need to do this. It’s just heartbreaking.”

Neighbour Malcolm Farnley said: “It’s a bit nasty, this poison business. If you’ve got a problem, talk to the person, don’t take it out on animals. It’s not their fault.”

A police spokesman confirmed they were looking into the incidents.