A DARING dresser whose skimpy outfits have seen her refused entry at top city nightspots says she is being treated unfairly.

Lisa Woodman cannot understand why her choice of dancewear does not meet with the approval of nightclub bosses.

The full-time mother-of-four says she only gets to let her hair down once a fortnight – usually a Saturday night – with her sister Sarah Woodman.

They usually start the night in Lloyds bar in Broad Street, but head for the nearest clubs after 1am – either Mode, Tramps, or Velvet, all run by the same company.

But on every occasion for the last few months, the two have queued only to be told they cannot go inside.

The last time it happened was New Year’s Eve.

They did manage to get in once to Mode, where Lisa Woodman says, according to one of the bouncers, she is never allowed in “because of what I am wearing”.

“What’s wrong with what I wear?” said the 28-year-old.

“I’m not hurting anyone am I? I am covering everything, and I just want to have a good time.

“We never cause any trouble and we’ve never been rude to the bouncers.”

Her sister Sarah, aged 32, said: “If we were rude to the bouncers they really would never let us in, so we’re always polite and say, ‘Hi, how are you?’.

“But it’s always the same response – ‘You ain’t getting in tonight girls’.”

When they get turned away from Mode, they try to get into Tramps or Velvet but the response is the always same.

Miss Woodman, of Gillam Street in Rainbow Hill, Worcester, says she complained to someone she believed was Mode’s manager over the phone, but has never been formally given a reason why she is seemingly banned.

The nightclub say they have received no formal complaint, but said she was welcome to get in touch.

“I just want to be treated with a bit of respect,” said Miss Woodman.

Dean Hill, the nightclubs’ director, said the clubs had “a responsible door policy”.

“We expect people to make an effort and we have a dress code of smart casual,” he said.

“It is the venue managers who are on the doors, they make decisions on the doors based on our policies.

“They make judgements based on someone’s behaviour, their dress, if they’re abusive, and whether they have ID.

“And that is to make sure all our customers have a good night.

“At the end of the day, it’s private premises and we reserve the right to refuse entry for anyone.”