OUR front-page story yesterday about Lisa Woodman has certainly captured people’s attention.

She features today in some of the national newspapers and websites, who have followed up our report.

Closer to home, her story has divided opinion.

We reported on her distress at being refused entry to Worcester nightspots because of the way she dresses.

Some say her outfit of a short, low-cut dress and high-heeled boots is inappropriate.

Others says she is perfectly entitled to wear what she wishes.

Both opinions are open to debate. It is not possible, however, to tolerate those who seek to draw conclusions about Miss Woodman’s lifestyle or morality simply by looking at her photograph.

We take the standpoint that she should be free to dress the way she wants without fear of discrimination.

After all, this is a young woman out for an evening in the adult environment of late-night city centre bars and clubs, not a trip to the supermarket.

And we have no time for those who moralise simply because she wears clothes they deem inappropriate.

People should be judged by their character and behaviour, not by their fashion sense.

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