34-35 Foregate Street,
Tel: 01905 22220

“AMIN in the mood for curry most weekends,” I declared to my dining companion.

Once I got that dubious pun out of my system, it was with some relish I undertook the task of reviewing the latest addition to Worcester’s curry culture.

Amins, Foregate Street, certainly looks the part from the outside – smart, airy and modern.

Upon entering, we were impressed. Owner Mosnul Haque has come up with a touch of sophistication in the décor and layout but from their initial greeting to the service throughout, a hearty, warm atmosphere pervades.

Quite impressive was a private dining area for group gatherings at the back of the restaurant called the “glass house”

giving a clear view of proceedings through its glass partition.

Another delight was the menu. Renowned chef Jay Haque, Mosnul’s brother, who previously ran Dehli 6 and owns Little India, came over and explained that they were looking to combine traditional dishes and new specialities with a range of contemporary fusion cuisine.

And there is quite a range of dishes inspired by Indonesian, Thai and Morrocan cuisine alongside traditional and modern staples. We were spoilt for choice and after much deliberation, we ordered.

For starters, we shared a seafood platter of garlic fried squid, spiced fish cake and wild salmon (£6.95).

It was a delight. The squid was quite tender and offset well by the creamy sauce, the salmon was light, moist and flaky and the fish cake hit the spot without being overpowering.

As my companion declared, her only complaint was she couldn’t have it all to herself!

After debating the merits of various mains with Jay, my companion chose the Goan prawn curry (£10.95), one of Amin’s signature dishes, with steamed rice.

I can vouch for its quality as I tried a forkful. My companion said the Thaiinfluenced dish, infused with coconut milk, could be loosely described as akin to a Thai curry but less spicy and slightly creamier – very tasty too.

My tandoori chicken bhuna (£6.95) was just right.

Tender chicken was imbued with the taste of onion, tomatoes and coriander and it really blended well.

The mushroom pilau rice (£3.20) was thoroughly enjoyable, with a slightly nutty taste.

With a couple of drinks each, the bill came to just over £40, which was very reasonable.

Amin’s is a welcome addition to Worcester’s restaurant scene. It deserves to do well and I’ll certainly be returning.